Advocating Compassion, Flexibility and Curiosity: The Story of an Immigration Lawyer

In a world where immigration issues continue to be complex and ever-changing, there are passionate individuals who dedicate their lives to helping immigrants and refugees find a better life. One such inspiring figure is Rowan Fisher, the founder of Fisher Law, a unique and compassionate immigration law firm in Canada. In this blog, we delve […]

Stand Out, Get Hired: A Resume Guide Inspired by the Wisdom of an Apron-Wearing Seller

Growing up near Kondele Market in Kisumu, Kenya was an immersive experience, surrounded by a lively and dynamic environment. The marketplace exuded a vibrant atmosphere filled with constant activity. It was a hub of commerce and interaction, impacting our daily lives profoundly. The market was teeming with bustling energy, a palpable force that infected every […]

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