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Advocating Compassion, Flexibility and Curiosity: The Story of an Immigration Lawyer

In a world where immigration issues continue to be complex and ever-changing, there are passionate individuals who dedicate their lives to helping immigrants and refugees find a better life. One such inspiring figure is Rowan Fisher, the founder of Fisher Law, a unique and compassionate immigration law firm in Canada. In this blog, we delve into the information interview with Rowan Fisher, as she shares the story behind her journey into immigration law, the challenges she faces daily, and what sets Fisher Law apart from other firms.

The Spark of Interest: A Journey from Refugee Camp to Immigration Law

Rowan Fisher’s passion for immigration law was ignited while volunteering at a refugee camp in Greece. Her work with refugees, who lacked any form of representation or legal support, moved her profoundly. It was during this period that Rowan decided to dedicate her legal career to helping immigrants and refugees navigate the complex Canadian immigration system. After a decade abroad, she returned to Canada, knowing that immigration and refugee law was her calling. The refugee camp experience was the defining moment that steered her towards opening Fisher Law, with a focus on offering compassionate legal aid to those in need.

A Day in the Life of an Immigration Lawyer in Canada

As the founder of Fisher Law, Rowan emphasizes that there is no such thing as a typical day for an immigration lawyer. The cases are diverse, and each client’s situation is unique, making every day different. The team at Fisher Law may find themselves meeting clients in person, conducting online consultations, doing extensive research, or giving presentations on various immigration programs. Adaptability and flexibility are key traits for success in this dynamic field.

Common Challenges in Immigration Cases

Rowan highlights the diverse challenges she faces when working with clients. Sometimes, clients’ immigration histories often span years or even decades, leading to difficulties in obtaining relevant documentation. Moreover, clients may have experienced trauma and other personal issues, requiring emotional support alongside legal assistance. Fisher Law’s commitment to addressing both the legal and human needs of its clients set them apart in the industry.

Insights into Current Trends and Changes in Immigration Law

As immigration policies continue to evolve rapidly, Rowan emphasizes the importance of staying informed about the latest trends and program changes. She notes the increasing demand for skilled workers in various sectors across Canada, leading to targeted immigration programs in industries such as healthcare and technology. However, she also highlights that some changes in immigration law have resulted in more restrictive criteria for certain programs.

Key Qualities for Success as an Immigration Lawyer

For Rowan, the most crucial qualities of an immigration lawyer are compassion, flexibility, and curiosity. Compassion allows Rowan to understand and empathize with the challenges immigrants face during their journey. Flexibility is essential, given the ever-changing nature of immigration cases. And curiosity empowers her to delve deep into clients’ stories, ensuring comprehensive and effective legal representation.

The Birth of Fisher Law

Rowan initially started Fisher Law as a sole practitioner, focusing on her passion for immigration law. However, as the firm grew, she attracted like-minded lawyers who shared her vision. The diversity of the Fisher Law team, with each member being an immigrant from various countries, gives the firm a unique perspective on the immigration process. Fisher Law’s commitment to accessible and compassionate client care continues to be the driving force behind its success.

Advice for Aspiring Lawyers and Law Firm Founders

Drawing from her own experiences, Rowan advises aspiring lawyers and potential law firm founders to stay true to their vision and values. While advice from mentors and advisors is valuable, it’s essential to maintain one’s own sense of purpose and identity in the legal profession. Striving for inclusivity, compassion, and excellence will differentiate a law firm and lead to a fulfilling and successful career.


The story of Fisher Law and its founder, Rowan Fisher, exemplifies the power of compassion, flexibility, and commitment in the field of immigration law. As the firm continues to grow and advocate for the rights of immigrants and refugees, its unique approach sets it apart in the legal landscape. With a diverse and dedicated team, Fisher Law remains an embodiment of the impact that one individual’s passion can have on the lives of countless others seeking a better future in Canada.

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2 thoughts on “Advocating Compassion, Flexibility and Curiosity: The Story of an Immigration Lawyer

  1. Always great reading from a success story, and the well done on having immigrants as part of this immigration law farm.

  2. Thanks for this article on Fisher Law & the founder, Rowan. I’ve attended one of her virtual talks sponsored by CCIS & am amazed how dedicated she is in helping new immigrants. She has made this her passion & vocation that is truly admirable. More feature articles like this, please. Thanks Charlotte!

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