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Career Paths in Human Resources: Insights from Jaysa Toet, Founder of Lively Consulting

Embarking on a career journey can often lead to unexpected destinations, especially in the dynamic field of Human Resources (HR). In a recent interview, we sat down with Jaysa (Nachtigall) Toet, CPHR, and the Founder of Lively Consulting, to explore her journey from university to building her own consulting firm. Join us as we delve into her educational background, the pivotal moments that shaped her career, and her insights on the future of HR.

The University Days

Jaysa’s journey began during her university days at the University of Manitoba. While completing her HR degree, she actively participated in the career mentor program, laying the foundation for her future career. This early exposure not only fueled her passion for HR but also provided a unique baseline for shaping her approach to HR and recruitment.

Experiential Learning and Career Exploration

Jaysa emphasized the importance of experiential learning during her degree. Engaging in student leadership roles, such as being the president of the commerce students association and the HR association, allowed her to explore different facets of HR. The co-op program played a crucial role, providing diverse experiences in HR and recruitment that helped her clarify her career goals.

The Birth of Lively Consulting

Before establishing Lively Consulting, Jaysa spent over nine years with Acuity HR Solutions, a small boutique HR firm. Her role involved building the recruitment division and gaining comprehensive experience in HR. The decision to start her own company was rooted in a desire to make a difference in people’s livelihoods through effective career decisions. Lively Consulting was born from this vision, with the name reflecting its focus on livelihoods.

Transition to Entrepreneurship

Jaysa shared insights into the importance of gaining work experience before venturing into entrepreneurship. Working for a firm allowed her to learn from mentors, build a strong foundation of skills, and understand various aspects of HR. She highlighted the value of collaboration and learning from a team, emphasizing that the journey of learning never truly ends.

Challenges and Successes in Talent Acquisition

Discussing her work with Lively Consulting, Jaysa acknowledged that each company faces unique challenges in talent acquisition. The key lies in dedicating time and resources to recruitment. Companies that recognize the value of a robust recruitment process are better positioned for success. She stressed the importance of adapting to the evolving nature of recruitment and staying attuned to individual company needs.

The Future of HR and Recruitment

Addressing concerns about the future of HR with advancements like Applicant Tracking Systems and AI, Jaysa emphasized the need to embrace technology rather than fear it. AI, when harnessed effectively, can enhance HR processes, bringing in efficiencies. She underscored the importance of maintaining the human connection in HR, emphasizing that roles may evolve but will remain centered around connecting with individuals.

The Evolution of Resumes

On the topic of resumes, Jaysa expressed her hope for a shift in perception. Resumes, often viewed with anxiety, should be seen as dynamic communication pieces rather than rigid documents with strict rules. She highlighted the need for individuals to view resumes as tools for showcasing their skills and experiences uniquely.

Advice for Aspiring HR Professionals

Jaysa advised aspiring HR professionals to delve deeper into the field, understanding its various facets. Exploring different HR environments, from specialist roles in corporate teams to managerial roles in smaller settings, allows individuals to discover where they fit best. Continuous exploration and openness to learning are essential for success in HR.


Jaysa Toet’s journey from university to entrepreneurship provides valuable insights for those navigating the diverse landscape of HR. As the founder of Lively Consulting, she continues to shape livelihoods by making a positive impact on career decisions. The future of HR, according to Jaysa, involves embracing change, leveraging technology, and maintaining the core human connection that defines the field.

Jaysa (Nachtigall) Toet, CPHR

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