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Empowering Women Through Mindset and Energy Coaching: An Interview with Zara Bagramian

In a recent interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Zara Bagramian, ACC, an ICF Certified Coach, and Digital Marketing Professional. Zara is the founder of “The Great Move,” a community dedicated to supporting women struggling with burnout in both their professional and personal lives. The community focuses on tapping into the subconscious mind, feminine energy, and mindset work to help women overcome burnout and foster a balanced and fulfilling life.

Zara’s Personal Journey

Zara’s inspiration to help women navigate burnout stems from her personal experience. After spending seven years in the corporate world, Zara found herself completely burned out. The stress reached a point where she would wake up dreading going to work, and experiencing anxiety around work even at night. Her body gave her clear signals, yet she pushed through until she couldn’t anymore. Taking a pause from the corporate world, Zara dedicated time to work on her mindset and recalibrate. When she re-entered the workforce, it was with a transformed perspective, emphasizing self-love, self-compassion, and setting boundaries.

Coaching Approach and Techniques

Zara primarily supports clients one-on-one, leveraging coaching tools and modalities to facilitate collaboration between herself and her clients. Using neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis, Zara helps clients reprogram their subconscious minds, creating a positive impact on their thoughts, language, and overall well-being. Her coaching also delves into understanding the dialogue within a person’s mind, analyzing language patterns, and observing physiological responses to foster personal growth.

Addressing Various Life Transitions

As a life pivot coach, Zara focuses on mental life transitions. Her clients often fall into two categories: those in the corporate world seeking an entrepreneurial journey and those who are already entrepreneurs but struggling with burnout. Zara assists both groups in finding balance, setting boundaries, and overcoming challenges unique to their situations.

Support for Mothers

Zara extends her coaching to mothers, including those who have transitioned from the corporate world to stay-at-home moms. Her coaching helps them navigate the complexities of balancing personal aspirations, family life, and self-care.

Zara’s Career Journey

Originally from Ukraine, Zara studied linguistics before pursuing marketing in Canada. After a successful seven-year career in marketing, she transitioned to coaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, obtaining certifications as an ICF coach, NLP master, and neurolinguistic practitioner.

Words of Wisdom

For those experiencing burnout, Zara advises starting with self-awareness and clarity. Understanding one’s emotions and thoughts, coupled with building a vision for a balanced life, lays the foundation for transformation. Zara’s coaching approach focuses on bridging the gap between current circumstances and desired outcomes.

Advice for Aspiring Coaches

Zara emphasizes the importance of clarifying the purpose behind starting a coaching business. Understanding the deeper “why” and uncovering the legacy one wishes to leave through the business provides a solid foundation for success.

Zara’s journey and coaching philosophy showcase her commitment to empowering women to overcome burnout, find balance, and lead fulfilling lives. Through “The Great Move,” she continues to make a positive impact, helping women rewrite their stories and embrace life with renewed energy and purpose.

Zara Bagramian

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