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Crafting Your Resume: The Tuna Sandwich Approach

When it comes to crafting a resume that effectively showcases your years of experience, it can be challenging to condense it into just a couple of pages. But here’s an analogy that can help you understand the importance of tailoring your resume to match the specific requirements of a job posting – the tuna sandwich approach.

Imagine yourself at a restaurant, craving a tuna sandwich. You place your order, expecting the server to bring you exactly what you asked for. Now, it’s important to note that the restaurant may have an array of delicious sandwiches on their menu. However, when you requested a tuna sandwich, you expect to receive precisely that.

Similarly, when a hiring manager posts a job opening and specifies their requirements, they are essentially asking for their “tuna sandwich.” It is crucial to understand and respect their needs by providing them with precisely what they asked for in your application.

Respecting the Hiring Manager’s Request:

As a job applicant, it might be tempting to showcase all your skills and experiences by offering a variety of “sandwiches.” However, doing so may lead to confusion and a lack of focus. Just as the restaurant brings you a tuna sandwich, you should tailor your resume to meet the specific needs outlined in the job posting.

By carefully analyzing the job description, you can identify the key qualifications, skills, and experiences sought by the hiring manager. Highlight these aspects in your resume, demonstrating your understanding of their requirements and your ability to meet them effectively.

The Power of Specialization:

Focusing on the hiring manager’s needs and providing a targeted application does not imply that you lack other skills or experiences. On the contrary, it shows your adaptability and understanding of how to cater to specific demands. Just like the restaurant offering various sandwiches, you can showcase your versatility during interviews or in subsequent discussions.

By presenting yourself as the ideal candidate for the specific role, you increase your chances of making a strong impression on the hiring manager. This approach allows them to envision you as the perfect fit, as you have demonstrated your ability to align with their requirements.


Crafting a resume that matches the hiring manager’s needs is akin to serving a tuna sandwich to someone who specifically requested it. Respecting their requirements and tailoring your application accordingly demonstrates your understanding and professionalism. By giving them what they asked for, you position yourself as a standout candidate who not only possesses the desired qualifications but also pays attention to detail and respects their preferences. Remember, the fact that you offer a tuna sandwich doesn’t mean you lack other sandwiches – it simply shows your ability to deliver precisely what’s required.

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