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Careers and Faith: An Insightful Interview with Matthew Geddes, Career Coach

In career coaching, Matthew Geddes stands out with a unique blend of expertise in resume writing, interviewing, and career planning. Our recent information interview captured his motivations, faith-based approach, and ventures into creating impactful YouTube content.

Career Coaching: The Journey

Matthew’s journey into career coaching is an inspiring narrative of transition and self-discovery. Leaving behind a three-year engineering career, he sought a more fulfilling path and found himself drawn to counseling. A chance opportunity as a vocation evaluator marked the beginning of his 17-year career support endeavors, eventually leading him to a fulfilling role as a graduate career advisor. Matthew’s story emphasizes the importance of taking unexpected paths and finding true fulfillment in helping others shape their careers.

2. Faith-Based Approach: Integrating Beliefs into Career

Matthew’s faith plays a significant role in shaping his approach to career coaching. While working in a non-faith-based environment, he emphasizes the impact of faith on his interactions with others and believes he is exactly where God wants him to be. His foremost advice for individuals is to emphasize the embodiment of their faith through actions in the workplace, regardless of the career God has led them into. Matthew’s journey exemplifies how faith can be seamlessly integrated into professional life, contributing to personal growth and fulfillment. He says, “we have the capacity to infuse a sense of purpose and godliness into nearly any environment or profession.”

3. Faith on Screen: Matthew’s YouTube Journey

Matthew’s venture into creating YouTube content reflects a desire for impact, expression of faith, and leveraging personal strengths. Initially exploring blogging, he found his true calling in making YouTube videos—a medium that allows him to share his faith while utilizing creativity and public speaking skills. The journey into YouTube content creation, marked by encouragement and support from unexpected sources, underscores the role of faith in guiding one’s path.

4. Faith on the Resume: A Successful Video

One of Matthew’s standout videos focuses on expressing faith on a resume—an area where many individuals grapple with challenges and potential mistakes. This video has received significant positive feedback, highlighting the resonance of the topic with his audience. Matthew’s ability to address common concerns and provide practical insights has contributed to the success of this particular video.

In conclusion, Matthew Geddes emerges not only as a career coach but as a guide for those seeking to integrate their faith into their professional journey. His unique path, from engineering to career coaching, and his commitment to infusing faith into every aspect of his career, offer valuable lessons for anyone navigating the intersection of faith and work.

Matthew Geddes

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