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A Journey of Healing and Empathy: An Interview with Kate Koei

The following post is based on an information interview with Kate Koei, a Counselor and the Founder of Renewed Self Counselling.


Welcome back to Career Paths and Trails, where we bring you inspiring stories from different career paths and trails! Today, we have the privilege of interviewing Kate Koei, a certified Counsellor, Grief Educator, Clinical Supervisor and the Founder of Renewed Self Counselling. Kate’s unique career path and personal experiences have shaped her dedication to helping others and providing a safe space for healing and growth. In this interview, she shares her inspiring journey, her motivations, and the challenges she faces in the field of counselling.

Overview of Kate’s Path and How She Became a Counselor

Kate’s path to becoming a counselor was filled with unforeseen twists and turns. Although she had always been captivated by psychology from a young age, life circumstances steered her towards obtaining a degree in International Relations. After exploring different professional avenues, a yearning for fulfillment propelled her to pursue a master’s degree. Despite initially gravitating towards International Relations once again, it was during her hiatus to raise her family that Kate discovered her genuine passion for psychology. Driven by her unwavering determination, she enrolled in a Master’s program in Counselling Psychology when her youngest child entered school, fully committed to overcoming the challenges of a busy life and fulfilling her true calling.

What Inspired Kate to Choose a Career in Counseling

Kate’s inspiration for a career in counseling stemmed from her curiosity about how the mind works and the factors that shape human behavior. She questioned her own experiences and often felt misunderstood. Additionally, her desire to serve others led her to counseling, as it provided a framework to walk alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, transcending the limitations of culture, faith, or shared understanding.

Kate’s Focus on Grief and Loss in Psychology

As a counselor, Kate started as a generalist, but over time, she discovered a deep connection to the area of grief and loss. Recognizing the misconceptions around grief, which is often associated solely with death, Kate sought additional training and became certified in Grief and Loss. She believes that grief extends beyond death, encompassing separation, divorce, health-related losses, and significant life transitions. Understanding the intersection between grief and trauma, Kate’s work in this area allows her to provide comprehensive support to individuals in need.

A Typical Day or Week as a Counselor

As a counselor, Kate’s calendar is packed with client sessions, which she diligently attends to. To ensure her own well-being and readiness for each session, she sets aside time for self-care and preparation. While administrative tasks are a necessary part of her routine, she openly admits that they are the least enjoyable aspect of her work. Additionally, Kate takes on the role of a Clinical Supervisor, dedicating a few evenings each week to provide support and foster collaboration. In this capacity, she offers consultation and supervision to practicum students and/or counselors, offering guidance, accountability, and professional development opportunities.

Types of Clients Kate Typically Works With

Kate’s personal experience as an immigrant drives her passion for working with clients who are culturally different. She strives to create a therapeutic environment that honors individuals with diverse cultural, religious beliefs, and values. Her practice includes working with individuals, couples, and families who may feel that their cultural perspectives are not fully accommodated or included in mainstream counseling.

Staying Up-to-Date with the Latest Research and Developments

As a licensed professional, Kate has an obligation to earn Continuing Education (CE) credits to maintain her licensure. She actively engages in ongoing professional development, attending training courses and workshops that expose her to the latest research, tools, and techniques in the field. This commitment allows her to continually expand her knowledge and provide the best possible care to her clients.

Advice to Someone Considering a Career in Psychology

For individuals considering a career in psychology, Kate offers words of wisdom based on her own journey. She urges you to embrace your passions, even if the journey may not follow a straightforward path. It is crucial to listen to your inner calling and possess an unwavering determination to wholeheartedly pursue the field.

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